Before you migrate make sure you have completed the following:

1. Published all resource plans. Resource plans must be published or they will not migrate even if they have been saved. Remember, publishing the project does not publish the resource plan and the publish option on a resource plan will be greyed out until the project plan has been published.

2. Enter time-phased data for each resource. If the time-phased data is not there, the resource plan will not be migrated.

What happens if I have a mixture of time-phased data for resources in my published resource plan? You will only see the resources listed that had data in the plan. Those without will be missing from the new Resource Plan view in Project Pro 2016. Only the rows with data will be visible.

Integent’s best practice tip: Make sure all resource plans have been updated and published prior to migration. The data in the resource plan may be current but if it has not been published the information will not be migrated.

The migration will occur during non-peak hours so it may appear as though nothing is happening at first.


Once the migration is complete I can view the resource engagements in the new Resource Plan view.


From this view I can:

  • Modify the engagement contour on the time-phased grid
  • Hit Refresh to see the current status of the engagement request
  • Create new engagements by clicking Add Engagement


If I have multiple projects open I will see the engagements for those resources as well. I inserted the Project field into the view above so I can see which project the engagement is for.

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.  Would you like more information on Resource Engagements and Project Online let us know or contact us at [email protected] for more information.