We’ve recently been assisting a client with a migration from Project Online to full blown Office 365. This project included rebranding the user experience, which led to a need to move the Project materials under a new site.

With these sorts of moves, one of the due diligence steps we like to perform is to compare file counts under the various sites and libraries.  One of our libraries was showing a count of over 400 files, however, we could only see (and thus move) 200. This was a concern worth investigating.

Vivek Parashar wrote a great blog entry explaining how to show files that had never been checked in.  The bottom line is you take ownership of those “hidden” files and they are instantly visible in your migration tool.  I was dubious but when I was done I had 220 new files to migrate. (!)

Here’s a link to Vivek’s article for the details:


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