Recently a customer came to us to help with their Microsoft Project Server Migration. The main issues they wanted to address in their migration from Microsoft Project Server 2007 to 2013 were:

  • Utilize the new functionality of Microsoft Project Server 2013. They also wanted to be able to forecast their work, to track non-working and working time. They wanted to implement all of the abilities in 2013 and set up administrative categories.
  • They wanted to see resource availability across departments. They also wanted AD synchronization and utilization.
  • They needed training for their global workforce.

The Results

The upgrade of Microsoft Project Server 2013 was a complete success and this client is now able to utilize all the new benefits of MS Project 2013. MS Project Now turned on Active Directory and simplified the users naming conventions to streamline and ensure consistency. MS Project Now trained their organization globally addressing the specific needs of the domestic and global units. Instruction on best practice schedule development, along with MS Project Now’s highly responsive support have allowed this client to realize a significant reduction in schedule-related issues.

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