The cloud is one of the most disruptive forces in modern business. It’s also one of the biggest buzzwords, and there may be just as much confusion about the cloud as there are groundbreaking developments.

Here is a roundup of why cloud was important in 2014 and it’s a good indicator that the cloud will be even more important in 2015. For all your questions and how you can get up and running quickly and painlessly on the cloud contact us today.

1) The cloud helps your business find insights into big data – One of the most valuable reasons for adopting cloud technology is to start gleaning insights from big data.

2) The cloud protects your data from Natural Disasters and gives you security – It may start with earthquakes (or anything really), but natural disasters don’t have to end your company’s data. With a cloud backup solution, a disaster is not the end of the world as you know it—so you can feel fine about keeping your data safe.

3) The cloud is the key to Mobility – With an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud solutions help enable your workers to engage no matter where they are. Empowering your employees to work remotely and increases productivity.

For even more reasons to move to the cloud here is some great data and blogs from Microsoft.