Microsoft Project Online Support

As powerful and flexible as Microsoft’s Project Portfolio Management solution is, with great power comes great opportunity for problems. We solve them with our Microsoft Project Online Support.

With decades of experience, key professional certifications, and our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner in Project and Portfolio Management, you can count on us to understand, diagnose, and resolve problems.

Whether your notifications aren’t working, your reports are missing key data, your project flow isn’t flowing, your cost figures aren’t what you expected, or any of another possible problems – we can help you solve them. And once you’re underway, we can keep your projects managed smoothly, ensuring the success your enterprise requires.


Microsoft PPM is the standard for project portfolio management (PPM) and getting things done. But each of its amazing pieces is an opportunity for a project to go sideways and lead you, your managers, or their teams down any of a million wrong paths on any of the devices connected to your platform. We’ve already been there. Because of the hundreds of clients we’ve helped since 2009 – and the hundreds more our team helped before Integent began – we know what the problems are likely to be, reducing the downtime and returning normal operation quickly.


Microsoft Project Online SupportOur Microsoft Project Online Support ProCare subscription provides a functional and technical expert when you need one. Whether it’s trying to determine how best to constrain your portfolio, or how to create a calculated formula, we’re there to help. Whether it’s once a year or six times a month, we’re there to help. Just about anything that’s related to project management and Microsoft Project Online is within our purview: Reports. Dashboard development. Workflow. System configuration. Formulas. Indicators. All that and more. Because we’re there to help.


Microsoft Project Online SupportMicrosoft Project Online Support from Integent isn’t simply waiting for you to call. We work with you to ensure that your implementation is working smoothly. All of your decisions are going to be based on the your project portfolio. As your partners in project management, we’ll touch base with you to make sure you’re getting the results you need, and that you understand the results of your work. With our comprehensive approach to supporting our customers, you’ll find it easier to achieve success.


Ok, so where’s the catch? Well don’t worry, we’re not going to lock you into any long-term agreement. And there is no cancellation fee. That’s right. Again, we want to keep this very simple for >our customers. With out Microsoft Project Online Support there are several options available, with super-low monthly rates available.
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  • Inexpensive, plans starting less than $400 a month!
  • Flexible Use: you can plan and use hours for just about anything, including training and custom development
  • Favorable terms: You can upgrade, downgrade, or terminate very freely
  • Discounted rates: Plan rates are discounted from our normal rates. You get an additional discount with each plan upgrade