Using Reports

The Reports in Project allow us to communicate our plan information in a visually compelling way.  The reports can include many different types of items such as charts, images, tables, and more.
Reports can be both viewed in the Project window and also printed and exported to different formats for distribution to other stakeholders.  They can also be used in other Office programs.
microsoft project professional - using reports
When you click in the report area the field list along the right will display, allowing you to select and deselect fields which will add/remove them from the area of the report selected.

When a report is displayed, the Report Tools Design tool tab is displayed.

microsoft project professional - report tools design tab

Selecting a table in a report accesses the Table Tools tab.

microsoft project professional - report tools design tab - table styles section

Selecting a chart in a report accesses the Design tab.

microsoft project professional - Report tools design tab chart styles

The Table Tools Layout tool is available when are working with a table.

microsoft project professional - report table tools layout tab

Daniel Bell is the Executive Director of Integent
He has been working in the Project Management industry since 2002 and is a Certified PMP from PMI