The Project Site in Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Project Server provides quite a bit of enhanced collaboration capabilities for the project team members. The Project Site allows the storage of project artifacts along with version control. Issues, Risks and Deliverables may also be tracked in the Project Site as well as alerts may be set to notify project team members when they have been assigned an Issue, Risk or Deliverable or one of the items has changed status.

The Project Site template in Microsoft Project Online can be customized to provide a unique layout, document folder structure, list attributes, custom lists, and much more as needed for each organization. The Project Site can even be unique per Enterprise Project Type, and, may be prepopulated with project artifacts!

In this Microsoft Project Online Training video we walk through the steps of quickly demonstrating the Project Site, customizing the Project Site, followed by associating our new template with an Enterprise Project Type and finally testing the newly created Project Site. We hope you enjoy this training video!

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