Welcome to this recorded webinar, in which we go over some very helpful tips for project managers using Microsoft Project Online!

Areas covered today include the following:

  • Project Center: Provides a high level view across all projects in the organization
  • Project Professional: Used for daily, tactical management of your project schedule
  • Approval Center: Review and approval of timesheets takes place here
  • Resource Center and Capacity Planning: Looking for available resources or resolving conflicts as part of a resource management process

Project Center:

  • Filters and Group By
  • Gantt toggle, Rollups
  • Configure Columns in view
  • Project Detail Pages
  • Force Check In/My Queued Jobs
  • Open multiple projects using MS Project Professional

Microsoft Project Professional:

  • Working with Tables
  • View and use project plan templates
  • Creating a project schedule template
  • Inactivating tasks: MS Project skips over
  • Deleting tasks: maintains links for project integrity
  • Deleting tasks

Approval Center:

  • Updating Status Manager: You need to be the Status Manager on tasks for those tasks approvals to come to you
  • Processing Publish: Can close current project during publish, however, don’t close Project Professional
  • The Close dialog box.
  • Status Updates: two options for interfaces Team Members use (Task Sheet, Timesheet)
  • as Project Manager, use Approval Center to review/approve updates from Team Members
  • Preview Updates
  • Accepting time
  • View History of Status Updates
  • Create Rules

Resource Center and Capacity Planning:

  • Resources Attributes: Primary Role is very standard
  • Grouping views
  • Capacity Planning: four primary views
  • Resource Assignments: viewing Team Member assignments

What is Microsoft Project Online

Project Online is a project management tool hosted online for Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Microsoft Project Online is available through office 365, and it enables organizations to manage projects, resources, and project portfolio investments with great success. Used in conjunction with Microsoft Teams, tasks by planner and to do, and other products it creates a robust project and resource management solution.

Project Online provides capabilities for all users

  • Project Planning: Whether agile projects or waterfall, MS Project handles them all.
  • Task Management: Building a task list or using a Kanban board.
  • Resource management: Capacity vs. Demand, forecast by role.
  • Project publishing: Sharing the schedule. File sharing.
  • Portfolio Management: Strategic alignment. Pairwise comparison.
  • Resource and business intelligence: Visualize gantt charts, metrics, in a highly visual way.

Project Online provides the ability to forecast, plan, and manage demand

Strategic projects, IT projects, operational endeavors, and marketing campaigns are a few of the types of projects creating demand in an organization. Project planning and managing the demand of these various projects takes a project management solution that gives an organization the ability to make informed decisions with realistic information

Microsoft PPM enables organizations to effectively manage resources

Resource management is often the highest priority of implementing a project management solution. The resource management capabilities of Project Online help organizations better understand the impact of resources moving between projects, or whether the organization has the capacity to take on new initiatives. Knowing what your resources are working on as well as when are important data points required for project success

Project Online helps organizations align their portfolio with strategic objectives

Shifts in the economy and other changing factors require organizations to ensure the projects being executed are done so with reduced budgets and alignment to the business needs. Project Online provides a balance of portfolio optimization capabilities and resource demand and capacity capabilities which are critical for project and organizational success.

What about Project Managers

Microsoft Project and Project Online allows project managers and organizations to effectively manager complex projects.  The product, MS Project, allows project managers to create a project plan, perform the project planning process, build a work breakdown structure and more in order to successful execute the organizations projects.  

Microsoft Project is a very robust project management tool.  The product requires project management skills in order to effectively plan, manage and track project schedules and meet project objectives and project goals. 

Through the creation of a project team and using items such as a project timeline, Gantt Chart, and other work products from the desktop tool, a successful project is well within reach.  Additional Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and others are used to enhance collaboration and visibility.