What’s this Video About?

In this video we walk through some of the key functionality of Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio Management solution, Microsoft Project Online. Microsoft Project Online is a powerful and effective project management tool built for Project Portfolio Management (PPM), as well as planning work of all types that is performed each and every day. Project Online is provided through Microsoft Office 365 and helps organizations of all types and sizes to manage project and resources, as well as select portfolios of projects that deliver the value required by the business.

Plan and Manage Resource Demand

It’s a fact that projects demand resources. Project Online provides robust enterprise resource planning tools (ERP) to help organizations deal with resource allocation as well as manage the demand of resources across all types of projects. Taking on of new initiatives is determined by evaluating resource need against ongoing demand. Microsoft Project Online will streamline your business processes, and gives organizations the tools to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Power BI enhances the analysis of data with robust reports and dashboards.

Effectively Manage All Types of Work

The ability to see potential issues ahead of time in order to prevent missed milestones is what project management is all about. The Microsoft PPM solution enables project managers and the organization to evaluate all risks and deal with them effectively, helping ensure project success.


With a centralized view of all project and program work across the organization, management can get the big picture analysis to make informed decisions. No more project management based on stale, inaccurate data. Visibility is key to the organizations ability to run a success project management office (PMO).

Effective Project Planning

With familiar tools like MS Project, along with the Gantt Chart, task dependencies, and timeline views, project planning is simplified with the project management software.  MS Project Online better equips the organization to manage complex initiatives. Enterprise projects bring a new level of collaborative project management to an organization. 

Real-time Collaboration

Communication is key to successful project management. The real-time collaboration capabilities in MS Project Online and Microsoft Project Professional integrate with Microsoft Teams and Skype to let you see who’s available. Each member of the project team: project managers, team members, resource managers, are able to use Microsoft’s collaboration tools to communicate the project schedule and other important information effectively, in order to ensure project success.

Reporting and Insights

Project Online contains built-in reports like resource availability and resource overview, which help project managers, resource managers, and the organization gain insights and communicate accurate information to all stakeholders. This helps achieve results that work!

Drive Portfolio Analysis and Selection

Use the project and portfolio management solution to model various portfolio scenarios using resource and cost constraints. Project requests are ranked against strategic business drivers to determine those that help the organization achieve desired business results.


Does Microsoft Project Online help Optimize Portfolios?

Project Online lets you easily model different scenarios, enabling the organization to determine the most advantageous strategic path based on a portfolios strategic value. Business Drivers are used to rank proposals to strategic direction.  Along with constraints, this helps determine what the organizations cost and resource data points will allow for new initiatives.

How is Visibility of Projects and Resource in Project Online?

MS Project Online provides many out of the box system views. These views include a Project Center view, which may be configured to show all projects and programs across the entire organization.  The projects may also be grouped by organization defined attributes for meaningful analysis of data. The solution also provides other views with similar functionality such as those that are used in the Resource Center

How Does Integent Help Organizations with the Setup of Project Online?

Integent helps customers in many very flexible ways with Microsoft PPM. From flexible support solutions to help an organization get over a hump with the tool to deployments and training. We are certain you will be happy with the service we provide.