Good Day Folks,
If you are using Project Server 2010 and Project Professional then you must likely already came across this and have figured it out.  However for those that have not tried or just never noticed … The “Load Summary Resource Assignments” checkbox is inactive (or not editable) when you launch MS Project Professional 2010 (when you have your Project Server Account ‘When starting’ set to ‘Choose an account’).  This is prompt you to select an account before launching Project Professional 2010.

If you are not able to edit the “Load Summary Resource Assignments” checkbox, you simply need to change the default account from ‘Computer’ to one of the Project Server 2010 accounts that you have set-up.

Yes simple but a game changer for some.

Check my other blog on why the “Load Summary Resource Assignments” checkbox is so valuable.  In a nutshell it allows you to view your project resources availability and (over)allocation just for the project(s) you have open, rather than see across the enter enterprise.