PMI just released a great report on knowledge transfer and how it can help with Project Management success. The process of transferring knowledge is an ongoing progression of learning, adjusting, and improving. Success can help to align culture, leadership, and people. Our most unique and dynamic employees—those with experience, initiative, creativity, and a commitment to excellence—possess the type of knowledge that sets an organization apart from the competition and our organizations need to retain that knowledge.

The steps of a knowledge transfer program are:

  1. Identifying knowledge that is relevant and valuable
  2. Capturing and retaining that knowledge
  3. Sharing that knowledge with others
  4. Applying transferred knowledge
  5. Assessing the value or benefits of specific knowledge

When employees transfer their knowledge to others, project outcomes improve and strategic objectives are met. For more information on how to improve your Project Management goals and objectives, please contact MS Project Now today. To read more on this topic here is the whole report from PMI.