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July 8, 2010

Deploy cumulative updates (Project Server 2007)


Updated: 2009-04-28

This article provides guidance to IT professionals managing deployment of cumulative updates to a Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 deployment. Office Project Server 2007 cumulative updates can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center [ ] ( Project Server Cumulative Update Knowledge Base articles can be found on the Office Project Server 2007 Solutions Center [ ] page (


What are cumulative updates?

Cumulative updates are a new method of providing hotfix releases on a scheduled delivery basis for Office Server products, including Office Project Server 2007. Through this model, Office hotfixes are released every two months in the form of a downloadable package of current and previous hotfixes. The primary goal is to deliver high-quality fixes on a predictable schedule. The updated releases are accompanied by a Knowledge Base article describing the contents of the update. The first Project Server cumulative update was released in August, 2008.

The hotfixes found in a cumulative update include:

  • Fixes for issues that meet Office hotfix acceptance criteria. These criteria include workaround availability, customer impact, reproducibility, the complexity of the code that must be changed, and other criteria. These criteria have not changed.

  • Any critical on-demand hotfixes released to date.

  • Any critical security or non-security updates released publicly to date.

Cumulative updates apply to all versions of Office that are currently in mainstream support. For general information about Microsoft product support, visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Web site [ ] )(


Plan to install Project Server cumulative updates

Install a Project Server cumulative update to fix a specific problem you may be experiencing in your Project Server deployment. We recommend that you review Project Server cumulative updates as they are released to determine if any of the issues that are fixed are affecting your environment. Note that Project Server cumulative updates contain fixes from any previous cumulative update packages. Therefore, if you install the latest cumulative update to fix a problem you are currently experiencing, then you are also applying hotfixes from previously released cumulative updates. Always refer to the cumulative update's Knowledge Base (KB) article for details about what it contains and for any required dependencies.

Although Windows SharePoint Services cumulative updates are not a requirement for installing Project Server 2007 cumulative updates, you should consider applying them to your environment as well if you are experiencing any problems. You can install Cumulative updates for Windows SharePoint Services or Office SharePoint Server at the same time as the Project Server cumulative update, eliminating the need to rerun the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard more than once per server. (For more information, see Installation steps later in this article.)

Note that Office Project Professional 2007 cumulative updates are released on a cycle similar to that of the Project Server 2007 cumulative updates. In most cases you are not required to install Office Project Professional 2007 client cumulative updates in correspondence with a specific Project Server cumulative update. (See the Cumulative update dependencies required for the Project Server 2007 Infrastructure Update section of this article for more information about one possible exception). However, as a best practice, read the associated knowledge base article about each cumulative update for any dependencies that may exist.


Cumulative update server packages for Project Server 2007 farms deployed with Office SharePoint Server 2007

For Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 farms deployed with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, cumulative update server packages are now available to help eliminate the confusion associated with the installation order of various Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server 2007 cumulative updates. A cumulative update server package consists of a package that contains the latest of every hotfix patch that Microsoft has shipped for a particular version of a product. A customer would simply need to install the latest Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 cumulative update server package and the latest Office SharePoint Server 2007 cumulative update server package for the installation to be complete. The Office SharePoint Server 2007 cumulative update server package contains the latest Office Project Server 2007 cumulative update, so there is no need to install anything other than those cumulative update server packages on a Office Project Server 2007 farm deployed with Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Rollup cumulative updates are installed in the same manner as the Project Server cumulative update. Use the same installation steps as described in this article.


Installation requirements

Office Project Server 2007 Service Pack 1 is a prerequisite for installing any Office Project Server 2007 cumulative updates. Microsoft highly recommends that you install Office Project Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) prior to installing any Office Project Server 2007 cumulative updates dated April 2009 or later. (Office Project Server 2007 SP1 fixes are also included in Office Project Server 2007 SP2). For more information about installing Office Project Server 2007 service packs, see Deploy Service Pack 1 for Office Project Server 2007 [ ] and Deploy Service Pack 2 for Office Project Server 2007 [ ] .


Before you begin

Before you install a cumulative update to your Project Server 2007 deployment, take these recommended actions:

  • Back up the farm databases before you start the installation. Cumulative updates cannot be uninstalled, so if you need to return to your previous deployment, you will need to restore the backed up databases.


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