Exposing the Project Online Timesheet in MS Teams: Microsoft Project Online Training

MS Teams has become a solid platform for many, especially those wanting a central hub from which to work and collaborate on projects.

Microsoft Project Online is used quite heavily in the project management industry. The solution provides robust project and portfolio capabilities for the entire project team.

Making the two work together, therefore, is advantageous to those who use both. Doing so helps with efficiency since users have to perform less screen changes to get things done. Integrating Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Project Online is a no-brainer!

Quite often organizations will use the Timesheets in Microsoft Project Online for both helping team members understand what they should be focused on for project work, and, to allow Team Members to submit task progress to Project Managers.

Naturally, therefore, exposing the Timesheet in a MS Teams channel to track time and hours worked makes quite a bit of sense for a project management tool. It’s almost like a different piece of timesheet software.

In this video we demonstrate integrating the Microsoft Project Online Time sheet in a MS Teams channel.

How to use Microsoft Teams: The Channels and Teams

Teams consists of one or more, Teams and each MS Team has channels. You can view teams in different ways. As group of employees in different departments (marketing, HR, IT), or perhaps structure as projects you are working on. Ms Teams is also used by both large and small organizations.

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace within Microsoft 365 / Office 365 that acts as one-stop-shot for workplace conversations, collaborating as teams on projects, video meetings and group chats, as well as document sharing. Productivity is at the heart of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft teams messages

As mentioned previously, each team consists of channels that may focus on perhaps work items, a project, or just about anything.

There are two primary types of channels: private channels for confidential situations and needs, and standard channels which let anyone within a workspace see what see all and access shared files.

A general channel is enabled by default. Each channel in MS teams contains tabs with shared files and other apps to help users complete tasks without having to constantly switch between different windows. According to a Forrester report, MS Teams reduces app switching so much, that it’s estimated users can save between 15 and 25 minutes per day!

Users can send direct messages to others in private, or add other users to an ad-hoc group conversation.

MS Teams provides many of the instant messaging features and functionality you have come to expect in a business chat application. Rich Text, animated GIFs, emojis, @mentions, sharing files, and more. Just click a button to make a video call.

What Is MS Project Online?

Microsoft Project Online is a cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) software built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform

You will need a Microsoft Project Plan 3 or Project Plan 5 subscription to use MS Project Online. Both these licenses includes Project.

MS Project Online Benefits

  • Project Planning with a robust scheduling engine and visual Gantt charts via MS Project Professional
  • Portfolio Management: Portfolio analysis and prioritization, roadmaps and project budgeting.
  • Task Management: Task scheduling, task updates, kanban boards, and collaboration tools.
  • Resource Management: resource costing, capacity planning, utilization, and much more.
  • Time tracking: Project timelines, timesheets, schedule baselines, status updates, and project execution.
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