Step Action Details
1 From PWA, Navigate Server Settings > Manage Views image
2 Click the New View toolbar button image
4 From the View Type drop down, select Project Center, then specify a name for your new view.  You may optionally specify a description image
5 In the Table and Fields section, add fields to your view by selecting them from the Available Fields area and clicking the Add button.  You can also move your fields up and down as needed. image
6 Optionally you may specify a default field width, and custom label for your fields.  The default width will limit the width of the field to the specified pixels.  The custom label is useful if your users commonly refer to a field via a specific name. image
7 In the Format View section you may specify a Gantt Char format, splitter bar offset, Grouping format, Groupings and Sort order.  These are useful if you want to group your information by Project meta-data (Group by), have the grouping bars be specific colors (Grouping Format), display a Tracking Gantt (Gantt Char format) or sort your data by a specific field (Sort by) image