Adding Resources and Users to MS Project Online: Microsoft Project Online Training

ok, so you need to add users to the Enterprise Resource Pool in Microsoft Project Online? The process is actually quite simple once you understand how to do it. The process starts by adding users in the Microsoft 365 Admin center via logging into the Office 365 portal. Be sure to assign the appropriate MS Project Online license when doing this part.

Once added to the portal, now your user may be added to Microsoft Project Online. The process is different depending on whether you are in SharePoint Permission mode or Project Permission mode. We cover both in this video.

Project Permission Mode

In Project Permission Mode there is a Security group of command in Project Web App (PWA) Settings. This particular permission mode allows for very granular permissions for your users. Think visibility based on reporting structure using a Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS). This is my preferred mode simply because it’s very powerful, and, why not?

To add a user in this mode select PWA Settings. Then in the Security grouping of commands click Manage Users. Next you will want to click the New User button. The first item you want to focus on in the New User screen is the User logon account (User account).

In here you simply begin to type the user name in the text box (this is most often the users email address). What should happen is users who’s name match what you are typing will show up. Select the correct user from the list of users.

The next section that is important is the Security Groups section. By default the system will have just the Team Members added to this user in the Groups that contain this user text box. If this person is to be a Team Member you would leave as-is.

However, if the user is to be a Project Manager, simply select the Project Manager group from the Available Groups dialog box, then click the greater than sign button. This will add the group to the Groups that contain this user section. You may want to remove the Team Members group while you are here.

In the identification section note the checkbox for User can be assigned as a resource. This is specifying whether the user can be added to a project team in MS Project using the Build Team from Enterprise functionality as well as assigned to tasks in project. With the checkbox unchecked, the user will be able to login to the system, however, the user will not be able to be assigned to project tasks. Make the appropriate selection based on the requirements for the user.

All other settings on the New User screen are dependent on your organizations user and configuration of the system. If there are Resource Fields or Custom Fields to be assigned, you may do that here. Otherwise, click the Save button to save all the specified settings for the user.

Alternative method

In Project Permission Mode you may also use the Resource Center to add users. From the Resource Center click on the New button in the Resources section of the ribbon. Other than not having the ability to select what security group the user belongs to you now have a very similar screen to what you had in Manage Users. Use the same procedure outlined above and Save when finished.

Since you are unable to select a security group the user will be added to the Team Members group by default. Use the Manage Users or Manager Groups links in the Security grouping to manipulate the resource security level.

SharePoint Permission Mode

In SharePoint Permission Mode select the gear in the top-right of the screen, then click the Site Settings link. In the Users and Permissions section, select the Site permissions link. From the ribbon select the Grant Permissions button.

In the Share SPM dialog box, begin typing the name of the users in the top text box. As you type the user name those matching will show up in a list. Select resource from the list.

Click on the Show Options link. Consider the Send an email invitation checkbox.

Next, select the appropriate permission from the Select a permission level drop down list box. typically Team Members, Project Manager or Administrator will be used most often. Click the Share button when completed.

Microsoft Project Professional

the Microsoft Project client may be used to bulk edit resources using the Resource Sheet (all sheet, no Gantt Chart) instead of Project Web App. You merely select all the resources you want to edit from the Resource Center, then click the Open in MS Project Professional button.

You can now insert columns as necessary in the view and assign any necessary field values in the project management software. If you like, you can also add generic resources in the sheet. Select File > Close when finished. Consider now that Microsoft Project is for more than just project plans and complex projects!

Hope you learned a bit more about Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio management solution. Microsoft Teams. Consider watching one of our Power BI training videos!

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