From the Microsoft Ignite conference in May, these are some of the highlights of what we have to look forward to features being added to Project 2016.

User interface
More fluent user interface if you are familiar with current interface you should find new features easily, and if you are new to Project hopefully features will be easy to find and use.

Multiple timelines
Timelines, added in Project 2013, were a huge hit and this feature has been advanced in this release to support multiple timelines within a single project file. The additional good news is that this is planned to also be reflected in SharePoint.

Apps that can update Project files
When Offices Apps first were announced one of the big questions was why they could not update the Office file. This is about to change and if you write an App for Project it can now update the file.

Resource Management
There has been a big investment in resource management in the client. New functionality around managing resource requests, and the approval of these requests, has been added along with addition resource reporting options.

Integration with Team Foundation Server

Tasks from a project can appear as Work Items in Visual Studio.

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