This is a great list of the most common and frustrating issues that Project Management deal with and ideas on how to minimize those problems:

  1. Team members not knowing or understanding what their responsibilities are, not owning their part of the project. Good project managers let team members know, up front, who is responsible for what – and clearly lay out expectations.
  2. Having key personnel pulled off the project, either temporarily or permanently. Good forecasting tools can help in determining how the change will effect the project. Good project managers deal with team members being pulled in multiple directions by convincing management that removing a vital team member could easily delay the project.
  3. Meeting deadlines. Project Managers should assign team members specific deadlines for their parts of the project – and then give dates that are earlier than you actually need them.
  4. Scope creep This is something we all need to work with. A good PM, will do proactive risk and quality management throughout; and not just react to changes, good communication with the team is also key to keeping the project moving.
  5. Not being aware there is a problem or potential problem. Ideally a good PM stays on top of potential problems, status meetings and using a collaborative Project Management tracking software like Project Server can help with this issue.
  6. Managing and collaborating with team members in different locations and time zones. Again having a mobile collaboration tool like Project Server makes managing a decentralized team much easier.
  7. Lack of communication, or hostility, among team members.This can be a big problem, a good project manager checks in regularly with team members, either by phone or in person, to see how things are going and can mitigate the risks to the project.

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Here is the full article from CIO Magazine.