We work with many clients who are evaluating different EPM’s. So we have been through the following process many times. We feel like this evaluation process is a chance for us to shine. Here are some excellent tips from CIO Magazine on the three best ways to minimize the risk and maximize the user acceptance of a new enterprise software like EPM.

1) Schedule a Product Demonstration

From all the attendees you should determine:

  1. What do you like & dislike about the product?
  2. Rate the software product on a 0 – 5 scale.
  3. What do you like and dislike about the vendor?
  4. Rate the vendor on a 0 – 5 scale.
  5. Any other comments?

2) Vendor response validation

You should audit and validate the provisionally selected product for your needs.

3) Check References

When speaking to a reference you are unlikely to have much more than an hour, so the choice of questions is critical. Make sure you have a list of questions to ask before the call. Along with each question, include the context of why you are asking it because references may want to know this before answering.

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