Being a project manager is a tough job. There are constant demands on your time, people to keep on track, pressure to do a certain amount of work in what often seems like an impossibly short amount of time. But we all know how important the job is, so here are 7 tips to achieve the perfect project:

Tip 1: Establish clear goals for the project
Tip 2: Set expectations up front
Tip 3: Outline potential risks and how you’ll manage them if hazards arise
Tip 4: Minimize the number of meetings
Tip 5: Plan the perfect kickoff meeting
Tip 6: Pull reports throughout the project it’s the only way to know if you are staying on schedule
Tip 7: Get the right tools: While there are many project management tools on the market, not all are created equal. Decide what you really need and compare the products that interest you. At the very least, be sure to choose a tool that allows you to do the following:

Organize and link tasks to create timelines and plans.
insights that help you better communicate progress.
understand how to use the interface.
Customize your plan to fit your team’s needs.


This is where Integent can help, contact us today and we can find the right tool to accomplish all your goals. For more details on these tips see the Office Blog.