We are always looking for ways to get more done, but lets face it there are only so many hours in the day and some days are overwhelming. Here are some great tips for how to manage your stress and get your work done. In many cases it is better to step away from the stress, don’t worry the work is always there when you get back!

  1. Create a list of daily priorities
  2. Delegate freely (“Hire the best and brightest, trust them, and then step aside and let them do their jobs.”)
  3. Take time away from the office to recalibrate.
  4. Don’t fight the intersection of work and life – don’t fight the marriage of work and life. This helps take stress and guilt off the table
  5. Take care of your health – Eating well, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep are nonnegotiable
  6. Unwind with music, your dog or a guilty-pleasure TV show
  7. Master your own attitude – Always remember that stress is inevitable and that suffering is optional.

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