Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work.

As PM’s we all know how hard it is to engage our teams and we also know how critical it is to the success of any of our Projects. This is a great list of techniques from the Gallup Business Journal with some excellent strategies on just how to engage teams.

  1. Survey your employees -. When a company asks its employees for their opinions, those employees expect action to follow. So find out what is important and take action.
  2. Focus on engagement at the local and organizational levels. Real change occurs at the local workgroup level, but it happens only when company leaders set the tone from the top. As leaders we need to set the tone that we expect everyone else to follow.
  3. Select the right managers. The best managers understand that their success and that of the organization relies on employees’ achievements. Great managers care about their people’s success. They seek to understand each person’s strengths and provide employees with every opportunity to use their strengths in their role
  4. Coach managers and hold them accountable for their employees’ engagement. Companies should coach managers to take an active role in building engagement plans with their employees, hold managers accountable, track their progress, and ensure that they continuously focus on emotionally engaging their employees.
  5. Define engagement goals in realistic, everyday terms. To bring engagement to life, leaders must make engagement goals meaningful to employees’ day-to-day experiences. Describing what success looks like, helps give meaning to goals and builds commitment within a team.

Employees are a company’s best asset, so leaders and managers should make caring for them and engagement them a priority. If you have any questions on this or need any other Project Management information please contact us.