If you have you ever wanted to manage your time like a CEO, understand your cash flow like a CFO or analyze your NASDAQ stock performance like a Wall Street pro, then we have good news for you. Now Excel 2016 can do the same for you with a few clicks.
Several new business analysis feature tours highlight how you can use Excel 2016 to Get & Transform data, use Power Pivot to model and analyze data and visualize that data in new ways. You can find these feature tours in the Excel template gallery.

The new business analysis feature tours
To access the new feature tours in Excel, you should be running the new Office 2016, that is available with Office 365. When you open Excel you will see the feature tours as shown in the image below.



To learn all about the newest features and use them to the fullest contact us today. To read this full article on Excel please see the Office Blogs.


Here is a sneak peak of the information and it should be really helpful.

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My Calendar Insights - 2

My Stock Analysis

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My Cash flow

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