I had a client recently who was receiving en error when trying to submit time via the Project Server 2010 timesheets in SEM mode.  After some research, we discovered that the root cause appeared to be that the person was submitting time that was after the specified finish date of the task.  We had her switch to the My Work view in Timesheets, change the Finish Date to beyond the time she was entering, update the remaining work, then save.  At this point the submission worked successfully. 


UPDATE: 20110531 – At another client one user was receiving this, and similar, error message when just trying to save their timesheet.  In this instance, I noted the resources record was actually in a checked out state.  Once I checked in the resources record, she was able to submit her timesheet without any issues.




Here is a link to another person experiencing the same error.


Queue error text

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-16″?>


<dataset name=”TimesheetDataSet”>

<table name=”Actuals”>

<row TS_LINE_UID=”a98318a7-3f47-45af-a37a-81db9925d94c” TS_ACT_START_DATE=”05/11/2011 00:00:00″>

<error id=”20005″ name=”GeneralReadOnlyColumn” uid=”d052e4cc-4214-4ab4-a73c-a4828dcba826″ column=”TS_ACT_FINISH_DATE” />





<class name=”Queue”>

<error id=”26000″ name=”GeneralQueueJobFailed” uid=”985df72c-4418-4b0a-806d-bca2afd4ea2c” JobUID=”5d161dee-21df-4058-a493-9e57d76c4f11″ ComputerName=”DDPRJ2010″ GroupType=”TimesheetUpdate” MessageType=”UpdateTimesheetMessage” MessageId=”1″ Stage=”” />