I try to answer questions posted on Microsoft forum whenever I have some time. Recently, one of the users posted an issue where workflow was failing to send email. Basically he was trying to send email with Project Details Page URL and it was failing. Below are the steps to add Project Details Page URL to workflow email.

  1. Open the email editor
  2. Type the Project Details Page URL in below Format

[%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]project%20detail%20pages/projectdetails.aspx?projuid=[%Project Data:Project UID%]


There are below two variables in above URL

  1. [%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]  : This should return the PWA site collection. For example http://ServerName/PWA/
  2. [%Project Data:Project UID%]                  : This should return the Project UID for current Project on which workflow is running.

Technically the URL syntax was correct, however workflow was failing to send an email with PDP url. After doing research, I found that workflow fails only if we add the [%Project Data:Project UID%]  in the URL. Finally it turned out to be an issue where workflow cannot access the Project UID for the current project.

Microsoft is working on the hotfix to fix this issue. Please keep eye on the Cumulative Update release for Project Server 2013 which might include hotfix for this issue.