When saving a project offline from Project Server 2010, I get the following errors when I try to open the schedule offline:

“The copy of this project in the Local Project Cache may be damaged. Try the operation again. If the problem persists, some possible options to try include: use a backup copy of the project, remove the damaged project from the cache, and then try opening it again from the server. If you do this, you will lose changes you have made to the project”

I click OK and attempt to open it again and get this message:

“Project cannot access ‘<>projectname’. Try one of the following: the file may be temporarily opened by another program – wait a moment, and then try again; A file with the same name may already exist – save it with a different file name; you may be trying to save to a read-only folder. SAve to a different folder instead.”

This happens for all users on any schedule.

This is the procedure I’m following to try to work offline:

In Project Professional, close the file but select to keep it checked out. CLose Project Professional. Re-open Project Professional and select the name of the server but choose “work offline”. Go to file, open and see the project listed but get the above errors when attempting to open.


This had been a 2003 to 2010 upgrade.  In this case the eGlobal for some reason did not upgrade as part of the overall upgrade process.  Once we upgraded the eGlobal the working offline functionality started working properly.  Do the following to upgrade the eGlobal:


  1. In Project Web app 2010, Navigate Server Settings –> Enterprise Global
  2. Click the Configure Project Professional button
  3. Once Project Professional launches confirm a checkout out eGlobal
  4. Change the width of any column in the current view
  5. Click Save, then Publish the eGlobal
  6. Quite then re-launch Project Professional
  7. Attempt the working offline function again.
  8. All should be working as designed.