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In Project 2010, we made a big update to AutoFilter in the client. Now from the column header you can sort, filter on, and group by the field. Essentially there are four zones:


Sorting: Depending on the type of field, you can sort alphabetically, numerically, or chronologically.
Group By: You can select to group explicitly on the field, or group on an interval specific to the field type. For example, for date fields this looks like:
If you aren’t sure why to use group by, check out this post.
Filters: While you can easily use the checkboxes to select which values to display, the filter flyout allows you to do this more quickly based on the selected criteria.
Date Fields:                    Duration Fields:
Checkboxes: These allow you to select which values to display by simply checking/un-checking the values. For example, if I uncheck October then none of the task that start in October will be displayed.

AutoFilter is on by default in Project 2010. If you aren’t seeing it, you can turn it on by going to View tab – Filter dropdown – and selecting Display AutoFilter.

You can tell an AutoFilter is applied since the column header displays the funnel shape . Additionally, the Status Bar displays “AutoFilter Applied” and if you hover over it, you can see which fields are affected: