We were getting “We’re almost Ready” message for any of the navigation links like Newsfeed, SkyDrive etc. in My Site.

When we reviewed the application event log we found below error for SharePoint Portal Server.

Error : My Site creation failure for user ‘DomainNameUserName’ for site url ‘https://ServerName/my/personal/UserName’. The exception was: Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.PersonalSiteNamingConflictException: Username conflicts with another user..

We found that the Site Naming Format setting was set to “User Name (do not resolve conflict)”. We changed it to “User name (resolve conflicts by using domain_username)” using below steps and that helped to resolve this issue.

SharePoint Central Admin >> Application Management >> Manage Service Application >> User Profile Service Application >> Set up my Site >> Site Naming Format >> Change the setting to “User name (resolve conflicts by using domain_username)”

Key here was an error  in the application log which helped us to figure out what is going wrong. We would recommend you to review Application Event Log and ULS log if you come across this issue for more details.