In one of our customers environment multiple users were getting below error while accessing their timesheets.

Error: The view failed to load. Press OK to reload this view with the default settings. Press Cancel to select another view.


We tried re-creating the Timesheet after deleting it and got below error.


It turned out to be a BUG and occurs due to “NULL” values in the WASSN_ACTUALS_PENDING table. Microsoft is working on this Bug and will be releasing the fix soon. However, In meantime we need to use below steps to fix this issue.

  • Run the below SQL query to identify projects affected by this issue

pub.msp_projects PROJ,
pub.msp_resources RES,
pub.msp_tasks Task
Assn_Sav.RES_UID = RES.RES_UID and
Assn_Sav.Proj_uid = Proj.PROJ_UID and
Assn_Sav.Task_uid = Task.TASK_UID and

  • Publish these Projects one by one using ProjTool. This tools helps you to do a full publish which helps to resolve this issue. You can download this tool from This tool is for Project Server 2010, however you can use it for Project Server 2013 as well. Below are the steps to publish the Project using the ProjTool
    • Download the zip file which constrains the ProjTool files.
    • Extract the zip file to a folder.
    • Open the Debug folder
    • Double click  on ProjTool.exe application file.
    • It will prompt you to enter the PWA URL. Enter the PWA URL and click on OK.
    • Once conencted, you will see list of all Projects.
    • Select the Project affected by this issue and click on “Publish Project(s)” button.
  • Run the query again after publishing all affected projects to make sure it returns no records.

There are chances that issue may come back again after implementing above steps and hence I would recommend running the above query on regular basis to check if you are running into this issue. We created a excel based report which shows list of projects affected.

Hope this helps!

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