Time Phased Reporting presents special challenges for Project Online users.  The good news is that a simple timesaving solution has been provided.

There is an entity set (essentially a table) provided called TimeSet.  This table contains a row for every date from 1984-2049. For each of these dates, fields are provided for Quarter, Month, etc:


If this table is related to any Time Phased data table (ie, MSPO_AssignmentTimePhasedDataSet), then each date with Assignment information can be presented with its week, month, etc.

Then, finally, take this information, pivot it and potentially put it in a chart:


There is one thing to note, if your data includes multiple years you will want to add a column for year.  Instructions to follow in a future post.

Note, this solution can also work well for Project Server users who are not using OLAP cubes, as Odata is available for Project Server data as well.

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