Hi there,

I was working with a customer recently that was experiencing this error.  It was when one user was trying to create project via an EPT.  What made the issue more complex is that it only occurred with this one user, and, there were other users in the same security group.  If you look closely at the error text below you’ll notice it states “GeneralSecurityAccessDenied”.  This naturally made me think the issue was permission related. 

When searching online for others who have experienced the same issue there was very little information.  “ProjectUpdateWithPCSMessage” returned perhaps 3 results, none of which had a resolution. 

In taking a closer look at the system I happened to create a project via ProjPro using a project template in the customers system.  Upon publishing the project I received a warning stating the system is configured to not allow manually scheduled tasks to be published to Team Members.  In looking more closely at the Project Template I noticed it had manually scheduled tasks in it.  Thinking I could either re-save the template without the manually scheduled tasks or change the system setting I performed the latter.  Since then the user has been able to create many project via EPT with out a single issue. 

Although I’m glad the issue is resolved, or at least seems to be, why did only this one user experience the issue?  The template did not have any team members on it?  Regardless, I thought I’d share.


The errors returned from the queue are as follows:
Error ID: 20010
Error ID: 26000
Detailed error below – send it to the administrator for more detailed troubleshooting.
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-16″?> <errinfo> <general> <class name=”Permission Denied”> <error id=”20010″ name=”GeneralSecurityAccessDenied” uid=”6ded2809-69b3-e711-80d5-00155dac951e” /> </class> <class name=”Queue”> <error id=”26000″ name=”GeneralQueueJobFailed” uid=”20e35007-69b3-e711-80d5-00155dac951e” JobUID=”0ba631fa-68b3-e711-80d5-00155dac951e” ComputerName=”ab0691f5-30f4-4fcb-88c5-11629febba05″ GroupType=”ProjectUpdate” MessageType=”ProjectUpdateWithPCSMessage” MessageId=”1″ Stage=”” CorrelationUID=”4edc239e-e0d7-4000-92d6-d1a9eed8f4a6″ /> </class> </general> </errinfo>
You can do the following:
1. Try troubleshooting using the error IDs, error XML.
2. Contact administrator with your jobID (0ba631fa-68b3-e711-80d5-00155dac951e) and error XML.