Question: Hi, I was able to follow for step by step making of new excel services report. But when I render the report from BI using Excel services , it fails to refresh without giving any error.The query I have used is select * from pub.msp_resources and when I delete a resource from Project Web App and try to run this report , it does not bring the refreshed data.Pls help.



Answer: Hello, and thank you for your question.  Typically this issue has to do with step 31 in the procedure referenced above (see below).   Although we are revising and creating a new ODC, the name referenced in step 31 is the connection to the workbook, which has not changed.  Please review that particular step in detail and ensure it is being completed correctly, then let us know if the issue is resolved.



IMPORTANT! Change the connection name to :Project Server – Simple Projects List. So basically removing the word (MPN). We do this because this connection name is the Pivot Table reference for the workbook, and renaming it will break the connection to the Pivot Table.

Click OK.