We receive questions on how to leverage the OData connections quite often, therefore, I thought I’d write up a quick-start.


  1. Navigate to the Business Intelligence/Reports section of PWA
  2. Locate your OData connections.  There can be several ways to do this.  here’s one:
    1. Click on the Gear in the top-right, then select Site Contents
  3. Locate and click on Data Connections (if you don’t have Data Connections click on PerformancePoint Data Connections)
    1. image
  4. Click on the English folder
    1. image
  5. Harvest the current URL through the word Connections
    1. https://serverName/pwa/ProjectBICenter/Data%20Connections
  6. Open Microsoft Excel
  7. From the Data ribbon select Connections
    1. image
  8. On the Workbook Connections dialog select Add
    1. image
  9. On the Existing Connections dialog, select Browse
    1. image
  10. Paste the URL previously harvested into the Select Data Source dialog and click the right pointing arrow
    1. image
  11. On the resulting screen double click the English folder
    1. image
  12. Select the data source you would like to use and click Open, then Click Close on the Workbook Connections dialog
    1. image
  13. From the Data Ribbon, click Existing Connections
  14. image
  15. In the Existing Connections dialog, make sure your OData connection is highlighted and click Open
    1. <img width=”500″ height=”502″ title=”image” style=”display: inline; background-image: none;” alt=”image&quot