If you are interested in Microsoft Project Online and many of our customers are, you might be wondering about the licenses and how they work. Here is some helpful information to get you started:


Every user needs to be given a license to use Microsoft Project Online.    Depending on what your organization subscribes to, you might need to select different things on the Assign Licenses page to give someone access to Microsoft Project Online. If something is listed in two different sections, it only needs to be selected one time on the page to give that user that license.

If you’ve subscribed to Project Lite for your team members, be sure to select that license for those users.

What about the global administrator?    It’s important to note that the only person who has a Project Online license to start with is the person that signed up for it. This may or may not be the person who is the all-up global administrator for Office 365 in your organization. The global administrator will be able to see options that are part of Microsoft Project Online, but won’t be able to change them unless he or she has been assigned a Project Online license.

Do you need more information or have any questions? Just contact us, we can help!