In our ongoing series for our Project Online users this blog post addresses managing users through the Office 365 administrative interface.  Look for a short video in the near future as well.  This was developed by our support engineer Kiran Khanvilkar.  Thank you Kiran for putting this together!


1.  Project Online Licensing.

2.  How to check Project Online Licenses.

3.  Permission mode.

4.  How to change the Permission Mode.

5.  How to add users in SharePoint Permission Mode.

6.  How to Add User in Project Server Permission Mode.

7.  How to Remove User.


1 – Project Online Licensing

Project cloud-based solutions are licensed on a per-user basis. You can purchase them as standalone plans or as an additional service with Office 365 plans.

  • Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 is a flexible online solution for project portfolio management (PPM) and everyday work. It includes Project Online and Project Pro for Office 365.
  • Project Online enables organizations to get started, prioritize project portfolio investments and deliver the intended business value from virtually anywhere.
  • Project Pro for Office 365 gives you the control and capabilities of Project Professional 2013 as an always up-to-date subscription from Office 365.


2 – How to check Project Online Licenses

Check Total Number of Licenses for the Subscription

    1.    Log on to Project Online Tenant

    2.    Click on Admin >> Office 365


    3.    Click on Licensing on the left navigation bar

    4.    This page displays the total number of licenses available for your subscriptions


    5.    Click on Licenses link on the same page to see number of licenses currently assigned



3 – Permission mode

Each instance of Project Web App can use either Project Server permission mode or SharePoint permission mode to control user access. Project Server 2013 offers two security modes for controlling the kind of access that users have to sites and projects:

  • SharePoint permission mode: In this mode, which is new in Project Server 2013, a special set of SharePoint security groups are created in sites associated with Project Server 2013. These groups are used to grant users varying levels of access to projects and Project Server functionality. SharePoint permission mode is new for Project Server 2013.
  • Project Server permission mode: In this mode, Project Server provides a set of customizable security groups and other functionality that is distinct from SharePoint groups. This is the same security mode that was available in Project Server 2010.

    The following table illustrates the features available in each security mode.


    SharePoint permission mode

    Project Server permission mode

    Unified security management through SharePoint Server