Customers considering onboarding a large number of Team Members to Project Online often get a dose of sticker shock when looking at the monthly fees.  Consider an organization with 200 Team Members who are simply filling out timesheets.  Depending on whether an organization chooses an annual subscription or goes month-to-month the cost would be either either $6,600 or $9,000 monthly.  Over the cost of one year that’s around $100,000.  And remember, that’s just for the Team Members!

Alas Microsoft has come to the rescue with what they call Project Lite.  Is Project Lite something different?  is it a new product?  Actually, Project Lite is merely a new SKU available for Project Online which is geared toward your Team Members.  If your Team Members need only view/update Tasks, enter Issues/Risks and Timesheets, then they are eligible for this new SKU which is just $7.00 per user, per month!  Taking into consideration the previous scenario with 200 Team Members, now you’re looking at $1,400 monthly, which translates to $16,800 yearly!  This will certainly make the decision for organizations to choose Project Online less difficult. 

Lastly, this new SKU will become available May 1st.  For those organizations currently engaged in an annual subscription to Project Online, you will unfortunately have to finish out your current subscription before you can take advantage of the new SKU. 




Updated:  from office blogs a more recent post.  Matrix for included features below.  Reference here.