Thank you Christophe with the Microsoft team for providing his blog covering overview of Line of Business Applications for Integration with Project Server 2010.  This is a repost of his blog.

how can I integrate Project Server 2010 with application X? Where application X can be a combination of the following:

Application Type

Typical Scenario


Accounting (ERP)

Import financial information, and WBS

SAP R/3, MSFT Dynamics SL and AX, Oracle etc.

Billing/Invoicing (ERP)

Export PS timesheet information to generate invoices, a classic in IT charge back and or service organizations

SAP R/3, MSFT Dynamics SL and AX

Human Resources

Import resources information like skills, RBS, billing rate, etc.…

SAP or custom systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Transfer customer service work information to PS

MSFT Dynamics CRM, Siebel etc.

Ticketing, Maintenance, Keep the Light on

Import work performed in these other app. into PS via Statusing API or push project plan and assignments to another app. to track the execution

System Center Service Manager, Remedy etc.…

Time tracking, time sheeting

Import data into PS to have full view of resources execution

SAP CATS, etc.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Transfer tasks and assignment to a team of developers

MSFT Team Foundation Server, etc.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Yes I have seen customer bring PPM data from competitors product in our stack due to the ease of use of our platform and the enhance collaboration and reporting capabilities with SharePoint 2010

IT PPM competitors

The following Microsoft Project Server data type/entities are typically synched:

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Project Server Data Type/Entities



Projects can be tied to portfolios, programs, WBS, etc.


Tasks are associated to WBS, work items, work package etc.


Resources typically are synched from Active Directory and additional information like skills/role come from another system etc.

Task’s Status

A common scenario where task updates are made in another system and needs to be transferred to PS the ChangeXml API