A few weeks back I posted on how to create a Resource Plan in Project Server. I want to elaborate on that just a bit and talk about how a Resource Plan impacts Resource Availability.

Now, keep in mind that a Resource Plan in Project Server is best utilized with Generic Resources. Typically, you are building this plan at the very beginning of the project when little information is known about which named resources will be available. There usually is not even a schedule built yet. When you create a Resource Plan, only two areas of Project Server and Resource Availability are impacted: Portfolio Analysis and Resource Availability graph in Resource Center.

You will not see anything when you look at the Resource Usage view in Project Professional. Although you can see resource assignments for “other projects and commitments”, this DOES NOT include anything in the Resource Plan. Remember to publish your Resource Plan so it will impact Resource Availability graph and Portfolio Analysis.

If you have any questions about Resource Plans or Project / Project Server in general, leave a comment and we’ll reply as soon as possible!

Happy Scheduling!