Awesome new technology is coming down the pipeline for Microsoft that integrates with O365, SharePoint, Yammer, etc.   What will this Delve, Office Graph technology do?

“Delve specifically is designed to intelligently automate in real time for every employee the tasks of prioritizing their work and of finding the information—files, colleagues, documents, data—they need, while staying abreast of important project developments. In theory, individual and collective productivity would go through the roof with Delve as a sort of ultimate personal assistant that understands how employees work and steers them with precision through their day.”

“…For example, Delve knows that “Joe” has a meeting in an hour, what its topic is and who will be in attendance. So, Delve proactively fetches relevant documents, files and information about the topic and the participants, and displays them on its dashboard, so Joe can be prepared for the meeting. Joe didn’t have to spend 30 minutes compiling all this data manually, assuming that he even would have had the time to do it, and if he did, that he would have been able to find the information, a big challenge for employees of all stripes everywhere. “

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