1. The goal is to have a Project Center view have colored bands for the groupings like the view shown below.  In this case, our grouping is Organization.  In order to do this, we must first create a Grouping Format specifying the desired colors.


Navigate Server Settings –> Grouping Formats (which is found in the Look and Feel section in Server Settings).


You should now see something like the following, provided your system currently has no configured grouping formats.  What we would like to do, is create a grouping form with colored bands, and name it accordingly.


For any available grouping format, select the desired colors and patterns. 


To rename the Grouping Format, select the modified Grouping Format from the Grouping Format drop down list box, then click the Rename button.  Click the OK button when finished.


Next, we specify the use of this Grouping Format for a Project Center view.  Navigate to Manage Views in Server Settings, and open a view for editing.  Select the new Grouping Format, and save your changes.


Upon navigating to the modified view, you should see the Grouping Format specified earlier.