Thank you all who sent feedback on our Beyond Reporting Webcast – we received many thanks and a follow-up question that we wanted to share with the rest of the community. 

Hope this helps, enjoy!



Question:  ‘This was wonderful information.  Thank you.  The statement was made that:  “The reporting database will pull some of the standard sharepoint items from the project workspace” (such as risk, issues and deliverables). 

I’m currently trying to access SharePoint and combine with Project data into one report.  Can you tell me how to access the SharePoint data in reporting database please.’


Response:  Great to hear that you enjoyed our webcast and got value from it.  Thank you.  Please see the screen shot and links below that will get you started.  Let us know if there is anything the MS PROJECT NOW! can assist you with.


Here is a link to a MS link on leveraging the Reporting Database: including the link to the SSRS Report Pack


The screenshot below is of the RDB schema (included in the MOPS 2007 SDK download) that highlights the “dbo.MSP_Wss” SharePoint data views available.

Microsoft Office Project 2007 SDK