Dan completed another MPUG WebNLearn in the MPUG Certification series today and we had a few follow-up questions.  Please see below for those that have come in.  We will add the rest of the questions and answers as they come in. 

Question: I thought there used to be a way of setting a default – so that whenever a task was created – it defaulted to “some number” – like 1 hour or 4 hrs – not “1d?”  – for both Duration and Work.  I haven’t been able to find that in 2010.

MPN Response: 
As for the duration being other than 1day duration – I am led to believe that the ONLY way to alter this is through an
event-handling macro.

By default (in Project 2003, Project 2007, and Project 2010) the duration will display “1day?”.  You can change how the Duration is entered (Minutes through Months).


In Project 2010 the Schedule Option window is located under File > Options > Schedule Option (on left-hand side).  This will look familiar for those 2007 users.


Additionally you can remove the ‘?’ by unchecking the option called “New tasks have estimated
durations” under the Scheduling Options section. 

You can change the Start Date and some other estimating features as listed in 2007 and 2010.

(In Project 2007) you can see the Scheduling Option tab via Tools > Options > Schedule tab.


Hope this helps – submit your comments.