From Microsoft’s Christophe Fiessinger.  We find this is a great resource for those interested in exploring the new version of Project and Project Server …. 2010 is here.   Thank you Christophe. 

Dear Project 2010 Community,

Following the virtual launch last week of Project 2010 and thanks to Toney and Sonia from the Office Content Publishing team hard work please find below a recap of content available today to help  use Project and Project Server 2010.

In their words: “We will continue adding videos to the Help content, and will be adding new Help topics. We welcome feedback on our Help content, and would love to read your comments and suggestions! Simply click one of the answers to the question at the bottom of any Help article (“Did this article help you?”). You can then provide additional information about your experience with the Help content. Our writing team reviews this feedback regularly, and uses it to update existing content, or plan for future content.”

Project Server 2010

Currently, end user documentation for Project Web App can be found on the Project Server 2010 Help and How-To page on, and includes:

o Team members
o Project managers
o Portfolio managers
o Site administrators

Project client 2010

Currently, end user documentation for Project 2010 client can be found on the Project 2010 Help and How To page on, and includes:

Future plans include: