Outsourcing is an integral part of today’s work culture and we are all using it on many of our projects today. But outsourcing does come at a risk and it is something that we all need to be aware of and plan for.

Most outsourcing projects fail because tech leaders do not follow these 5 steps:

  1. Role Clarity – The implications of the outsourced project must be clearly understood by the CIO, PM and properly communicated to the internal and outsourced IT teams.
  2. Big Picture – The stakeholders must understand how the outsourced project integrates with all the other tools and products in the company.
  3. Planning – You have to work closely with your stakeholders to understand their needs and priorities. Every aspect of the milestones needs to be planned in advance, to ensure the smoothest operation. It is important to remaining agile while working through the planning and implementation.
  4. Trusted Partner – Ideally you have an exceptional trusted partner that you can include in all the planning. By having a trustworthy outsourced partner you can leverage their experience, while developing a detailed roadmap.
  5. Implied Communication – Make sure not to omit any details in the planning phase. While it’s hard to iron out all the details, regular reporting, communication and cross checking will help ensure that the scope is properly understood. It’s always better to over communicate than miss a seemingly obvious but important details.

If you have great planning, alignment and a structured communication process, you can avoid some of the most common reasons outsourced IT projects fail. For all your Project needs, please Contact us today. Here is the full article from the CIO.