We have been waiting to hear about what will be new in Microsoft Project 2016. Here is a brief overview of what is coming:


Resource Engagements

For project managers, securing resources to ensure your project is properly staffed has always been a challenge. With Microsoft Project 2016, it’s now possible to systematically request a resource, and once approved, lock that resource to guarantee it’s available.

The resource manager experience

The resource manager (or line manager) is a people manager who may not want to use the full Project client. To allow the resource manager to collaborate with the project manager, Project Online now has an area for the resource manager to view and approve or reject all proposed resource contracts.

Resource Capacity heat maps

Ensuring that the resources are well utilized and productivity is achieved, as well as new reporting options.


The Timeline feature has been overhauled to include multiple timelines, each with different start and end dates, representing a user-defined set of tasks and milestones

Tell Me

Tell Me provides a live button, so you just have to click the answer and it will do as you ask. It’s a huge time saver.

Read/Write Office Add-ins

Office Add-ins now have full Read/Write access to the project you are working on, providing richer extensions than have ever been possible.

For all your Project Server questions please contact us today.Here is the full blog post from Microsoft on what is New Project Server 2016.