Recently a new client came to us with some Project issues. We were able to address their issues and come up with a successful solution; tailored to their specific Project needs and goals. This customer was struggling because there was a negative view of a Professional Portfolio Management Toolset within parts of their organization. The PM’s needed a way to show the organization how “easy” this toolset would make managing their business. One of the other big issues that they had as an organization was that there was not a central location or method of requesting new projects. Which is a common problem at many companies.

MS Project Now addressed these issues and created an ideal solution. We developed custom workflows that provided them with an organized method for capturing new project requests. We configured PS2010 to enable the use of Portfolio Analysis, which gave them the ability to determine the right mix of projects to help meet their goals. Then we trained their PMs to use a consistent approach to scheduling, so that project reporting and quarterly time studies would be possible. We developed reports and dashboards that gave this company the ability to see KPIs across multiple projects and to easily view project status information. This customer also decided to use our ProCare Support Services. Every company is different, contact us to help you with the solution that is just right for your business.