If you’ve ever tried to remote desktop into a server from a client site and were unsuccessful, it’s most likely because they block port 3389, which is required for remote desktop.  One great way around this is to use a Remote Desktop Services Gateway Computer.  This server allows you to access a computer on your network through SSL, who’s port is typically always opened.  This write-up specifies the client configuration for using a TS Gateway server.  For a write-up on how to configure the server itself, there is a great article on Windowsecurity.com.


To establish a connection via a remote desktop services gateway computer, follow these steps:



Launch your clients Remote Desktop Connection (see below).

Specify the IP address of the computer on the remote network you are accessing.

Optional: specify the User Name used to access the remote server

Select the advanced tab.








Click the Settings button.







In the settings panel, please specify the following:


  1. Select the radio button for Use these RD Gateway server settings.
  2. Specify your Server name.
  3. Select Ask for Password (NTLM) for the logon method
  4. Click OK








Select the General Tab.

Click the Save As button, and specify a meaningful name for your connection so your settings will be saved.

When you click connect, you will be asked for two sets of credentials.

  1. The first set of credentials is a domain account to access the network
  2. The second set of credentials is for the server you are ultimately trying to access


Please discuss your specific settings with your administrator.  For a detailed write-up on configuring a TS Gateway Server, read this article on WindowsSecurity.com