Recently I delivered a few MPUG Certification Series webcasts and a few of those that attended have reached out to me on subject matter outside of what we covered in those webcasts.  I wanted to share those questions with the user community.  So here you go.  Thanks to all and keep your questions coming.

Details :  We are implementing a system that consists of MS Project Server, SharePoint and Team Foundation Server (all versions 2010). I am being told by the implementation team that you cannot set a baseline in MS Project Server – Rather you must purchase a license of MS Project Professional to set a baseline in Server.  So I am curious about which flavor of Project will allow the setting of baselines?  (I know you can do it in Standard or Professional, so my question relates only to Server).

Question:  Which version of Project will allow the setting of baselines?

Jacques’ Response: 
1) Project Professional connects to Project Server and allows you to ‘publish’ you project information.
2) Project Information includes everything on the project including baselines. So YES you can set a baseline using Project Professional and publish that baseline information to Project Server.
3) Project Professional and Project Standard both allow you to create baselines.
4) If you are on Project Standard — you cannot connect to Project Server thus you cannot send any information to Project Server including baselines.