Recently we found a bug where Timesheet Status is getting updated incorrectly in reporting database. Below are the steps to reproduce the issue.

  1. Log on to PWA.
  2. Start the delegate session for any of the user.
  3. Create a Timesheet for any of the Period.
  4. Enter the time for one of the tasks and click on send >> turn in final submission.
  5. Login as Timesheet Manager and approve the Timesheet.
  6. Run below queries. (’00ce8994-89c9-e311-93ff-005056907557′ is the Timesheet UID created in step 3)
    • Published Table: Select * from pub.MSP_TIMESHEETS where TS_UID = ’00ce8994-89c9-e311-93ff-005056907557′
    • Reporting Table: Select * from MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView where TimesheetUID = ’00ce8994-89c9-e311-93ff-005056907557′
  7. Both Published and Reporting will have status as Approved (3).
  8. Log on as Status Manager and accept the status updates for tasks submitted via this timesheet.
  9. Run the queries again.
  10. The Published DB will have status as Approved, however reporting DB will now show status as in-progress (0).


The Timesheet Status in reporting DB changes back to in-progress as soon as you accept the task updates after timesheet approval. Microsoft has confirmed this as a bug and fix will be released in future cumulative updates.

As a temporary workaround, we received SQL queries from Microsoft Support Team. These queries updates the reporting database with correct status.