I would like to share some of the changes introduced in Queue System for Project Server 2013

1. In earlier versions the queue settings is available under server setting page of the PWA instance. However in Project Server 2013, it has been moved to Project Service Application. You need to follow below steps to access the queue settings in Project Server 2013

  • Open the SharePoint Central Admin page
  • Click on Application Management >> Manage Service Application
  • Click on Project Server Service Application
  • Click on Manage Queue Settings for Project Web App


2. All PWA instances under the same Project Service Applications shares the same queue settings. In earlier versions, each PWA instance has its own queue settings

3. Project Server 2007 and 2010 has two queues

  • A Timesheet queue that contains processed transactions related to Timesheets.
  • A Project queue that contains processed transactions related to Projects/Resources.

In Project Server 2013, I was unable to find the Timesheet related tables in Project Server Database. So it looks like we have only one queue system to take care of both Timesheet and Projects related transactions.

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.  Would you like more information on Project Server, Training, and Support, just let us know or contact [email protected] for more information.