During Requirements Gathering and Configuring a Project Server ‘10 environment there is often confusion between the PMBOK process groups of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitor and Controlling, and Closing and the Phases in a Project Server implementation.

   Using project phases such as the Project Server’10 default Create, Select, Plan, Manage, and Finish describes at a high level how the work associated with the product of the project will be completed.  Whereas the 5 PMBOK process groups describe how the project activities are conducted in order to meet the project requirements and are generally performed during each phase of a large project.

  I suggest you use something similar to the Project Server default  Create, Select, Plan, Manage, and Finish for the phases and then within each of those phases you include, as appropriate, applicable stages that correspond to the PMBOK process groups.  These stages can then be supplemented with additional stages and PDP’s as appropriate.